MMI Organization

MMI and how it Works                (MMI documents at the bottom of this page)

What is MMI
During the first EC in Gouda 2007 MMI was created by the present skippers. The objectives of the MMI are;
– to promote and further the interests of the Micro Magic Class throughout the world.
– to encourage and co-ordinate national and international competition in the class
– to produce, manage and maintain the Micro Magic International Class rule.
MMI is not an official class organisation. MMI is a website, a class management and a cooperation of national class representatives. Core values are simplicity and enjoyment and that’s why MMI has been kept very simple. Here is a short explanation of how it works.

National representatives and class management
If you compare MMI with a business enterprise, the class management are the executive officers and the national class representatives the board. The national class representatives appoint a class management. The class management runs the website, publishes the class rule, helps to organise international events and helps promoting the class. The national representatives can do more then just appointing the class management. The national representatives can make proposals where the other national class representatives can vote about. Such a proposal can be anything the national representative wants the other’s opinion about but most important are the annual proposals about the class rule. Normally by the end of a year class rule change proposals will be made and be put to vote on the special MMI committee forum. Only class representatives can propose or vote there. Class rule changes can not easily pass: they need 2/3 of the possible votes of countries with voting rights. In that way we avoid the possibility that a proposal accidentally passes when some representatives forget to vote. Example: with 12 countries with voting rights, 8 votes of approval are necessary to have a rule proposal passed. Since 2007 only 2 or 3 small rule changes have passed since. We think that is a good sign. A stable rule is a solid base for the class.

MMI countries with voting rights
All MM sailing countries can become MMI countries. Only Nations that field in excess of 10 national entries at a race on their territory are given voting rights.

To help the organisation of the EC we created the coordinators. The MMI class management appoints national coordinators for each EC. Their tasks are to encourage MM sailors to compete in the EC, to make the selection of their nations team and to stimulate sportsmanlike behaviour of their team members during the races. Sometimes the coordinator is the same person as the national representative, sometimes not.

MMI acknowledges the need to keep things simple and close to the wishes of the skippers. All work is done on a private basis and purely for the fun we have in sailing and racing our Micro Magics. No fix costs, no entry fee and no entry to an organisation / club are still the main aims for having fun with the Micro Magic and being different to other established and more official classes around.

MMI Constitution

MM Class representatives + coordinators 02/2018

Contact: info (at) micromagic (dot) info