Micro Magic ?!

The MICRO MAGIC is a small remote controlled sailing boat manufactured by Graupner in Germany.
Since its introduction in 1998 skippers from all over Europe have been taken by surprise because no other yacht of this size sails so well.
This in large part is due to the designer whose primary focus was on sailing performance. The design proves that very small RC-sailing boats can provide a lot of sailing fun as well, if not more so than larger ones and at a fraction of the cost. In some aspects the boat is similar to a half-sized, early international one meter (IOM)-boat, and some construction details were copied from that class during the design phase.
The small size makes it the ideal boat for holidays, or for sitting in the boot of the car all day waiting for a free minute or two. Fully rigged and ready to sail, it easily fits into any car and none of the common transport problems associated with bigger boats have to be dealt with.
MICRO MAGIC offers a very successful first step into RC-sailing, at low cost and low effort. The complete kit is easily available from many model shops. The kit is easy to assemble in a short time, only a few simple skills are required.
A simple low cost RC-set with two functions is required. There is no need for a special and expensive sail winch, a second standard servo works well for the sail control.
MICRO MAGIC is not specifically designed just for beginners.
Due to its small size and design as racing boat the model reacts and sails in a very responsive manner, a bit like a flea on the water, sailing circles around many other boats, even bigger ones. A real beginner may prefer a boat which is less responsive and may sail its way over some distance without any steering – making beginners sailing life easier. To get the best from the MICRO MAGIC it needs to be sailed attentively and actively. This also attracts the more experienced skippers who are looking for best performance and speed to prove their skills and competition all over the world is hot but fun.
Whilst some may think this is not suitable for a beginner, there is another view that it leads to good boat control which allows the beginner to progress easily to larger competition designs such as the One Meter or even a Marblehead. The same idea is common among full-size sailing boats where dinghy experience is often a basis for the top keel boat sailors.
Although Micro Magic has many advantages, can already sail on a small pond, but is still able to handle conditions that are surprising in relation to size of the boat, it has to be kept in mind that it is not designed to sail in open water (offshore / rough water) nor in stronger wind conditions (greater than 3 Bft.) without some modifications.
The boat with its relatively large sail area is obviously designed for mainly light to medium wind conditions, and due to the light weight of the boat it might have problems tacking in rough water. However, you can modify the boat with smaller sails of your own design to increase the performance of the boat for stronger wind conditions up to 6 Bft.

Specification of Racing Micro Magic Kit (order no. 2114.V2):
The kit includes every part of the boat with exception of a radio control set with two standard servos, and some materials for the actual building process (e.g. glue, sand paper, a few simple tools). The “body” of the boat is made up from two ABS – formed shells which are already CNC-machined and ready for use. Hull and deck are easily glued together. A combined mast-keel box made from two ABS parts (glued), placed in the center of the hull, takes the structural loads and supports the RC gear. The correct position is defined by the parts themselves. Some reinforcements are already added to the deck. This gives a tough and stable body with only minimal weight. The removable keel is designed with a long and very thin fin, made of strong injected fiber reinforced plastic with a well shaped NACA 0009 profile. It is fitted with a lead ballast of about 350 grams at the end. The rudder is also made of injected plastic and of good shape (NACA 0012) ready for use. The light rig consists of two carbon tubes and fiber reinforced injection plastic fittings. The mast rake can be trimmed at deck level by a small injection moulded part for fine tuning. The sails are nearly ready for use. There is no painting of the model required as there are two decal sheets included in the kit for hull design. A wooden display stand made from pre-cut plywood is also part of the kit. The kit contains not only a full-size plan / drawing but a construction manual. The visual appearance of the boat is based on small 6,5 m single handed transatlantic racing yachts, but that is more or less just for Graupners catalogue text.
Technical data:
Length: 530 mm
Width: 180 mm
Mast height: 980 mm
Sail area: 1550 cm²
Weight: 860 grams

Specification of Micro Magic Ready for HoTT RFH (order no. 2014.HoTT):
The Micro Magic “Ready For HoTT” (RFH) version is completed in just a few steps. Only minor work is needed for completion. Alkaline batteries also need to be purchased and inserted in order to operate the model. A HoTT receiver has been pre-installed and connected in the model; it simply has to be linked to a HoTT remote control once the battery has been inserted and the model fully assembled.
The racing MICRO MAGIC RFH was designed to reflect developments on the MICRO MAGIC regatta scene, and its pre-assembled form constitutes a version intended for ambitious regatta work. Hull, deck, hatch cover and keel mast socket are made of vacuum-moulded CNC-machined ABS and are pre-assembled and bonded. All RC components are already installed in the hull and a 2.4 GHz HoTT receiver is installed in the model. The rig is pre-assembled to such a degree that it can be set up quickly. The sails have to be mounted, because they are packed separately to avoid crinkling. The keel fin and rudder are injection-moulded in glass-fibre-reinforced plastic for outstanding stiffness. The boat features a one-piece mast in order to obtain a strong rig without the need for a spreader. The rig consists of the newly developed plastic fittings that are also used in the kit. The boat has a pre-assembled jib trimming servo, so you can fine-tune the sail trim whilst the boat is running. Pre-painted hull, keel fin and rudder with factory-applied decals.
Instructions in German, English and French

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